Bee Boy is launched!

Last week saw my first ever book launch. After many manuscripts and reams of roughs, Clash of the Killer Queens, the first of my three Bee Boy books was launched at The London Honey Company in Bermondsey.

The day started with a visit to Fun Kids Radio and a lively interview with Bex.
Our chat was, of course, all about bees. I described last year’s nightmare experience when I was attacked by bees and stung so badly that I couldn’t walk for two days.

The afternoon was spent preparing for the launch. My daughter Alice and boyfriend Tiago turned up early to help. We decorated beehives with lights and put up signs directing our guests to the venue.

Indoors, the smell of beeswax and honey was amazing!

We had honey for tasting

Honey beer

Plenty of books for signing

Projected illustrations

Bee Boy bunting

And I wore my bee tie

Then I tuned my guitar and waited for the guests to arrive.

It was such a fun evening and I was thrilled that so many publishers, editors, booksellers, bee experts, teachers, journalists and bloggers had taken the trouble to attend.

Not to mention my lovely family!

After a super speech from editor Liz Cross, I said a few words and finished with The Bee Boy Song. CLICK TO LISTEN!

Enormous thanks to those who joined us and a special thank you to Oxford University Press for organising such an enjoyable evening!

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