Draw a ladybird!

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for artists! I learn something new almost every week whilst walking the dog in the countryside. This Art and Nature Blog is my way of sharing the best bits I discover. 

I hope teachers will enjoy this free resource filled with ideas on what to draw and how to draw it. If we really want children to love and protect our planet, we need to show them what a unique and beautiful place it is.


I love drawing mini beasts — especially beetles. Have a go at drawing the ladybird in this video — just hit pause if you need to stop and catch up.

We have lots of multi-patterned Harlequin ladybirds hibernating in the window frames of our cottage. Harlequins originated in Asia and arrived in the UK about 15 years ago. When the sun shines on our windows, the ladybirds wake up and emerge into the warmth to stretch their six legs.

I spotted another interesting beetle in our log shelter the other day. I love discovering more about the creatures that live around our cottage. If I can’t identify them I look them up. The log shelter beetle below actually turned out to be a woodworm beetle.

Woodworm beetle

Like all other insects, beetles have six legs, wings, and three parts to their body: head, thorax and abdomen. 

There are about 400,000 recorded beetles on Planet Earth and scientists are confident that many more are still to be discovered. There’s a wonderful display of beetles in the Oxford Natural History Museum. I snapped this photo when I was visiting to give a talk about bees.


Just like our precious bees, beetles are important pollinators. They also do other useful jobs to help keep Planet Earth healthy like pest control and breaking down waste.

Beetles are brilliant!

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