Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.

I write and illustrate children’s books from my home studio in West Sussex. My creative background is in design and typography and this plays an important part in my work.

The best-selling multi-award-winning Horrible Science series has kept me busy for many years. We have won The Blue Peter Prize for Best Book With Facts along with several other book prizes and sold millions of Horrible Science books around the world. Horrible Science spin-offs include a highly successful range of experiment kits from Galt Toys, a theatre show from the Birmingham Stage Company and a children’s television series on ITV and Amazon Prime.

Most recently, I have been writing and illustrating my Bee Boy trilogy: Clash of the Killer Queens, Attack of the Zombees and Curse of the Vampire Mites.  The books are fiction but based around the real life of honeybees and aimed at children aged 7-11.

I have been drawing with children in schools and libraries for over 20 years and have also visited many book festivals both home and abroad – it’s great to escape the studio every now and then! Life is strange – I used to be told off at school for doodling and now I get paid for it.