I love visiting schools, libraries and book festivals. I draw with children and talk about my work as an author/illustrator. Children (and adults!) enjoy hearing about the story of a book from initial ideas through to writing, designing, illustrating and delivering to the publishers for printing. My sessions are presented in a relaxed, fun way but I consider what we do to be important as I genuinely believe that developing creative skills in the early years helps encourage creative, happy lives.

Authors Aloud UK specialise in arranging author and illustrator visits to schools and libraries ensuring a happy and successful visit. Please contact Authors Aloud if you would like to book me for a workshop. Phone 01727 893992 Email

NEW!!! Authors Aloud are now organising online workshops. Click on the link to visit my page and find out how I can draw with a class direct from my studio.

All workshops are arranged through Authors Aloud but if you would like to contact me about something other than a workshop, please complete the form below. Thank you!